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Sequencing the future

Omics, Next-generation Analytics & Translational
Research Laboratory

Ongoing Projects

  1. Genetic basis of metabolic phenotypes: Obesity and PCOS

  2. Genetic basis of neurodegenerative phenotypes: Essential tremors and Parkinson’s Disease

  3. Genetic basis of behavioral and psychiatric phenotypes: Sleep disorders and ADHD

  4. Reverse phenotyping of the complex phenotypes and rare diseases in our genome bank

  5. Identification of Evolutionary Patterns in Core Clock Proteins and Their Involvement in Sleep Disorders

  6. Efficient and automatic prioritization of pathogenic mutations

Scientist in the Lab


Bezmialem Vakıf University, Institute of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Yalıköy, 34820, Beykoz/Istanbul

+90 212 523 2388 - 4901

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